Piano Ranch

Fall City, WA – Piano Ranch

It’s official Piano Ranch officially opens today! This has been a long time in the making so please be sure to follow all the state issued guidelines surrounding social distancing while at the site. Below there is also a list of guidelines to follow while using the property.

Good Neighbor Policy/Drone Flying Site Use Policy

1. All flyers must have a current Open or Youth Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).
2. All flyers must have a current FPV Racing Seattle membership, except for special events and FPV Racing Seattle guests.
3. All flyers must place their FPV Racing Seattle card, or AMA card, in the slot for their radio frequency BEFORE turning on their transmitter. Guests must use their AMA card. Flyers using 2.4GHz need not comply.
4. All flyers must comply with the Official Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) National Model Aircraft Safety Code. (Ref. King County Code 7.12.600)
5. Do NOT fly over or beyond the flight limits shown on the flying field map.
6. No more than eight aircraft are permitted in the air at any one time.
7. Fly from the designated pilot location only. Use of a spotter is recommended.
8. Perform takeoffs and landings only in the designated flight area.
9. Follow the established traffic pattern. No Flyer, or group of Flyers shall dominate the use of the field. Sharing of the airspace is required.
10. All aircraft must NOT produce a sound level greater than 79dBA measured at 25 feet over grass as verified by FPV RACING SEATTLE sound level tests.
11. Aircraft using gas turbine engines are NOT permitted. Electric drones only.
12. The use of model airplanes and helicopters is prohibited, except in accordance with the FPV Racing Seattle requirements and procedures.
13. Flyers less than 12 years of age, and all Provisional Category members, must fly under the supervision of a fully qualified adult FPV Racing Seattle member.
14. The airfield is open for flying from dawn to dusk.

Please be sure to adhere to these rules so that we can continue to use this field for years to come. Have a fun safe day and happy flying!

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